Kangen Water Is The Best Water For Your Health

Kangen water is now recognized by more people in America as the healthiest water for our body, the human body. An acidic human body creates an environment that may lead to many degenerative diseases and accelerate the aging process. Disease thrives in an acidic human body, the more acidic your body is the more susceptible you are to degenerative diseases. There are many reasons to drink Kangan water . The first is Kangan water is a powerful antioxidant.

Why You Should Drink Kangen Water?

Kangen Water is the healthiest substance known to man. Its properties help to minimize damages to the cells in our bodies. Most degenerative diseases are created from a poor/ toxic internal biochemical environment. Our bodies age with degenerative cellular damage caused by acidification, dehydration, and free radicals. Kangen Water helps to maintain a healthy internal biochemical environment. It has three transformative properties that help to maintain a healthy, pH balanced, internal biochemical environment. The first of these is alkalinity or alkaline pH. This property helps to balance the body’s internal pH levels and therefore reduces the devastating effects of acidification or acidosis (Acidic pH-disease nesting ground). Many known degenerative diseases thrive in an acidic environment. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg’s 1931 Nobel Prize winning research in Science has proven that cancer cells multiply and thrive in Oxygen deprived acidic environment and cannot survive in an oxygen rich alkaline environment. The second property is micro-clustered water molecules. Simply meaning that the common water that we are all accustomed to drinking, i.e.: Tap and bottled waters have bulk water molecule clusters, because they have been chemically treated. This chemical treatment includes adding chlorine, fluoride and lye to create what we know as potable, drinking water. The treatment process changes the molecular structure of the water and turns what was once small hexagonal (6-8 molecule cluster) water, into big bulk (20-25 molecule cluster) water. Small water vs. Big water. The smaller the water molecule clusters the more absorption. Small, hexagonal molecule clusters penetrate the cells and hydrate them. Whereas big water is too large and cannot completely hydrate the cells. Only 17 to 21 % of the water we are currently drinking is actually utilized by the body. The remaining 79 to 81% is not absorbed and eliminated thru the bladder and kidneys. The key to proper hydration is to drink micro-clustered water. The third transformative property of Kangen water is its ability to donate free electrons. This is the world’s most powerful anti-oxidant and helps to reverse cellular free radical damage. A free radical is an oxygen molecule that is out of balance and missing an electron. It damages healthy cell tissue by stealing or robbing it’s in balance electrons and prematurely aging the cell tissue. Therefore making a healthy cell tissue unhealthy and out of balance. This process continues like a domino effect while oxidizing, aging, or rusting the body from the inside out. Kangen water has a negative charge when tested with a calibrated ORP (oxidation/reduction potential) meter. The higher the negative charge the more electrons are donated. The higher the positive charge the more electrons are ravaged or removed from the cells. These three transformative qualities of Kangen Water can dramatically change your body’s internal biochemical environment for the better. Drink this water and it will change your life