This is the authentic recipe for both how to make Japanese teriyaki sauce, and teriyaki chicken. Many people ask how do you make authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce? The marinade and glaze used in this recipe from Japan consist of 3 simple ingredients Japanese Soy sauce, Japanese Sake Wine, and Mirin. For those that do not know Mirin is a Japanese condiment that is basically a wine with high sugar content. I will show you how to prepare the traditional marinating glaze. In Japan, chicken teriyaki is typically made using chicken thighs, or legs. In the Japanese language, the Teri means glaze and the yaki simply means to grill. The teriyaki marinade and glaze are sometimes modified in Japan by the use of either ginger or garlic. I will also show you how to grill the chicken to make it taste absolutely delicious. If you are looking for the Americanized version of chicken teriyaki, this may not be exactly what you are looking for. I have a video depicting exactly how what I call Mall teriyaki chicken is made. Included in this video are all the ingredients, and cooking instructions. This is a great chicken dish that if you don’t want to grill the chicken outside, you can certainly prepare the chicken in your oven’s broiler. Give this recipe a try, I guarantee you will be very happy you did.

Ingredients For Authentic Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

Cooking Instructions For Authentic Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

This is The Bald Chef’s recipe Authentic Japanese Chicken Teriyaki Recipe. The 1st step is to take a bowl to prepare your marinade in. Place in the bowl the Japanese Soy sauce, Japanese Sake Wine, and Mirin in proportion to the ingredients list. Thoroughly mix the teriyaki sauce. Lay your chicken thighs in a baking pan and pour half of the marinade onto the chicken thighs. While the marinade is working on the chicken, flip the chicken over so that all parts of the chicken are thoroughly covered with the marinade. Take the 2nd half of the marinade and place it into a small pan on medium-low heat, and reduce by half. If you decide to use a charcoal barbecue grill, prepare the charcoal and place the chicken onto the hot grill. Close the lid to the barbecue cook, turn the chicken over, and liberally paint on the teriyaki glaze, flip the chicken and do the same on the other side. Replace the lid and continue cooking until the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Place the chicken onto a cutting board, and cut the chicken into thin strips. These authentic Japanese teriyaki strips should be served on white Rice.