This is the Bald Chefs best recipe for grilled salmon. I used fresh salmon that I marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and brown sugar. After the marinating process I placed the salmon on a barbecue grill with charcoal and Hickory. The salmon cooked up beautifully and when I tasted it went far beyond my expectations.

Ingredients For Best Grilled Salmon Recipe

Cooking Instructions For Best Grilled Salmon Recipe

I will show you step by step how to create this over the top salmon recipe. This is a very simple and easy recipe to put together and the soy and brown sugar work true magic on this fresh salmon. I highly recommend you use the technique that I described in this tutorial video to cook or grill salmon. I had to eat a variety of different grilled salmon recipes and have found this to be the best of the best. Salmon is a super food and if you are looking to include fish in your diet this might be a great way to do just that.