Cleaning Vegetables Kangen Water

It’s very important to use if possible organic vegetables and fruits because they are free of the many chemicals and pesticides that are used in the growing process. The next best type of vegetables to use is locally grown vegetables and fruits. But often times it only possible to get the vegetables and fruits that are in your local grocery store produce counter. These local grocery store produce vegetables and fruits may come from all over the world and may have been grown in a very unhealthy way. All types of chemicals and pesticides are used in these produces. So will washing these vegetables and fruits with water remove the chemicals, and pesticides? Probably not because many of the chemicals, and pesticides are oil based and tap water will not dissolve oil based products. The best way to remove chemicals and pesticides is by using Kangan water 11.5 PH water. This Kangan water machine can produce 11.5 strong alkaline water which should remove most of the chemicals found in vegetables and fruits. Watch the video below and see for yourself.