Easy To Make Great Mexican Tacos

Maybe you have had tacos from Taco Bell and you thought they tasted pretty good but Easy To Make Great Mexican Tacos are only a knock off on the real deal. In Mexico tacos are quite different than they are in the USA were most are made from ground beef. In Mexico they use Lingua (tongue), pork, fish, and carnitas to make their tacos. In all the many travels I have taken all over Mexico I have yet to see ground beef used in any taco as a filling. Here is a great recipe for tacos Mexican made with Carne Asada. Tacos al carbon are some of the best Tacos I have eaten in Mexico. Here is a simple recipe to make true authentic Mexican tacos.


Ingredients For Cooking Mexican Tacos

These are the ingredients you will need to make real Mexican Tacos:

How To Cook Real Mexican Tacos

To make the best Mexican Tacos you need to start out with a very good cut of Beef. In my recipe I use Fajitas, or as we know it in America Skirt steak. The first step in making a good taco is to take about 1 pound of skirt steak and marinade it in extra virgin olive oil about 1 tablespoons and 1 packet of Goya Season and place in the refrigerator for one hour. After the hour is up remove the skirt steak and let it rest for 1/2 hour at room temperature. As your taco meat is marinating you need to start cutting up your vegetables. Start out by chopping up one seeded Hass avocado, lettuce, and white cheese 1/4 of Mexican cheese such as Manchego or other white cheese such as Monterey Jack. Fry in peanut oil 12 fresh Corn Tortillas until soft and drain on paper towels. The next step is to grill your Skirt Steak on a charcoal grill for about 2 minutes per side. Remove the Carne Asada from the grill and place on a cutting board and slice the meat. Take 1 fried Mexican Corn Tortilla and place 3 tablespoons of Skirt Steak into the Tortilla shell. Then add some greatened Manchego Mexican cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, Hass Avocado, and top with Pico de gallo salsa. and now you know the recipe for a real Mexican taco!