Great Indian Recipes

Great Indian Recipes By The Bald Chef

There are many types of Indian food recipes that can range from spicy to mild. In the South and East part of India, rice, along with curries made Chicken, Fish, Seafood, Lamb, are very popular. Coconut based recipes are widely eaten in India. One of the Bald Chefs Favorite recipes from India is Vindaloo curry from the South of India. Vindaloo curry is the spiciest of all the Indian curry recipes. If you want to learn to cook the food of India you need to know a little bit about the culture, and the people that inhabit the second most populous county in the world. The recipes offered here are authentic, and are as diverse as the people that inhabit this subcontinent.

Vindaloo curry

The Bald Chef’s website will be your best collection of Indian Recipes including meats such as Seafood, Lamb, and Goat. Many Indian recipes are vegetarian because of their cultural and religious beliefs. India is a Large county with many diverse recipes that are influenced by there effluences of the Middle East, Asia, and the Mediterranean. The people of India know how transform local grown vegetables, with the use of different spices into spectacular recipes.


Most Popular Indian Recipes

Curry Recipes using vegetables, seafood, and meat are very good. Here listed are some of the most popular Indian recipes cooked in India:

Some of The Types Of Indian Breads

Bread makes up a large part of the Indian diet. Therefore lets first talk about the main types of bread of India. Chapatti is the most common bread eaten in in India. Chapatti is a type of Indian flat bread that is unleavened. Naan is known to most people of the Western world as the formost bread recipe used in India. Naan is made and cooked from a mixture of flour,eggs,and yogurt, and is baked in Tandoor charcoal oven. Bhatoora is a type of bread that is made in the Punjab region of India.