Healthy Coleslaw Recipe

Healthy Coleslaw Recipe is a time-tested recipe that is being used at barbecues, potlucks, picnics, and is just a downright American classic side dish. Many studies have shown that most coleslaw made in America is 70%, cabbage, 5% shredded carrots, and 25% mayonnaise. This doesn’t sound too healthy to me, but let me show you a great recipe for coleslaw that is actually pretty darn tasty and not unhealthy at all. The fact of the matter is this coleslaw recipe features. Apple cider vinegar and olive oil as addressing anyone knows.

These are two very healthy ingredients with known health benefits. Mayonnaise, commonly used in most coleslaw recipes is loaded with calories and cholesterol. This recipe, on the other hand, infuses healthy ingredients that are beneficial to your body in many ways. But don’t get this recipe wrong it taste very crisp, and full flavored. Though this is not a traditional coleslaw recipe. It incorporates some of the flavors Healthy Coleslaw Recipe one might want to see in this classic salad recipe. The major spice is celery seed, salt, dry mustard, and pepper. If you’re looking for an unusual yet tantalizing coleslaw recipe this simple dish may fit the bill.


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