Healthy Food And Life Style

Healthy Food And Life Style

Eating the right types of foods, drinking lots of water, getting the right amount of sleep, and geting exercise all do wonders for your body.Are you serious about your health? Then this section of The Balds Chef Web site can give you some insites on how to improve your health, lose weight, and live a longer happer life.

Drinking Plenty Of Water

Your body needs at least 8 – 16 oz of glasses of pure water to function properly.Eating watermelon and cucumber is a good idea because they are more than 90 percent water, and they also contain antioxidants. Drinking water helps remove toxins from your body.Most of us do not spend much time consciously thinking about the benefits of water. However, when we do take time to think about it, we can all agree that water offers us many benefits. For example, standing beneath a shower of water, can revitalize and refresh. Sinking into a warm bath relaxes and soothes our tired bodies. Whether we’re near an ocean, a brook, a stream, or a lake, water does wonders for our emotional well being. Sounds of water moving, offer us tranquility and peace. Water also plays a big role in our physical health. The human body is made, mostly of water. At birth our body’s total water content can be as much as 80% to 85%, but as we age it gradually reduces to 70% to 75%. As we continue to age into our 70’s, and beyond, our body’s water content is as low as 50%. Yes, if not for the many wonders of pure clean water, life itself would simply cease! Many people just drink water straight out of the tap, but the problem is most water treatment plants don’t remove many of the harmful chemicals that are present in tap water. On top of the many problems with tap water chemicals are added like Chlorine and Fluorine. Many doctors believe fluoridation and other water additives such as chlorine cause or contribute to cancer. The current trend is to drink bottled water, with most people beliving this is much more better than tap water.The best type of water to drink is alkaline water with a high PH reading. It is very important to know that Cooking With Kangan water can help reduce the amount of your intake of chemicals and pesticides. One good way to Clean Vegetables Of Chemicals And Pesticides Is Cleaning Them With Kangan Water .

Maintaining The Propper Weight Is Important To Your Health

One way of losing losing weight is to take Raspberry Ketone.

Eating The Right Types of Foods

You need to have a diet that is low in fat, low in sugar, and low in salt. One third of your diet shuld be lean meats, like chicken, fish, or lean cuts of beef. Some of the best fish to eat is Albacore Tuna, Rainbow Trout , Freshwater Coho Salmon and Sardines. Also the human body needs lots of fresh leafy green Vegetables. And third, you should intake 1/3 of your diet with complex Carbohydrates. Whole Grains, Legumes, and nuts are great for a blanced diet. You should include these supper food in your daily diet.Avocados, Cruciferous vegetables,Blueberries, and Green Tea.

Foods You Should Not Eat

Heart problems come from eating processed foods, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers and cold cuts. Many of these foods contain high fat, and nitrates, both known carcinogens. Drinking soda is up there with the worst foods you can drink, they are loaded with sugar and have empty calories.

Getting The Right Type Of Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the best path for a healthy heart. In the Aerobic exercise category include walking, dance aerobics,and swimming.