How To Cook A Perfect Beef Steak Recipe

How To Cook A Perfect Beef Steak Recipe all types of beef steaks from Porter House, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon and Sirloin steaks. There are many grades of steaks you can bbq, How To Cook A Perfect Beef Steak Recipe. In America we can chose from the top of the line steak called Wagyu grade. After Wagyu then next in line comes Prime beef, Choice beef, and at the bottom of the line is Select steak. If you want to cook a great steak you need to buy a good grade of meat. The first step in cooking a world class steak is to marinade the meat. Marinades are a very important step in grilling the perfect steak. A marinade adds moisture and flavor to the meat. The Bald Chef shows in this video how to cook a steak to flavorful meal. T bone steak, Rib eye, Filet Mignon, or any cut you want needs to have marbling which is fat that will give the steak flavor. When cooking a steak make sure that it’s at room temperature before you start. Your steak should have a marinade of at least sea salt, garlic, and black pepper. Most people want to learn how to grill the best steak ever, well The Bald Chef will show you how.


Cooking Instructions For For Cooking A great Steak

When cooking a beef steak be it a Porter House, T Bone, or a Kobe Beef steak always start with the steak at room temperature. Be for you put your steak on the grill make sure you marinade it with sea salt, garlic, and black pepper. Then place the steak on your grill set at high to sear in the flavor of the beef, flip the steak one time and cook it on the other side. This is the Way the Bald Chef cooks his steaks.

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