KFC Kentuckey Fried Chicken Secret Recipe

KFC Kentuckey Fried Chicken Secret Recipe in the world may be cracked, the 11 herbs and spices of KFC chicken. The great Colonel Sanders might just roll over in his grave if he thought I might have cracked one of the best held KFC Kentuckey Fried Chicken Secret Recipe in history. I think I know how to cook the original recipe chicken we all love. Cooks have for years; have wanted to know what the allusive 11 herbs and spices consisted of. And now we may have unlock the secrets of KFC for the common folk that have only pondered what those spices might be. The 11 herbs and spices of KFC chicken are only a part of the methodology of how to prepare KFC original recipe chicken, there is much more. There may be 3 important steps to replicate the Colonel’s secret recipe for his chicken; they are: herb and spice preparation, flouring, and actual cooking. Harland Sanders created the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe.


The first step in preparing knock off Kentucky Fried Chicken is in mixing and preparing the great 11 herbs and spices. These spices need to age and cure in an air tight container for at least one month. The second step is to know how to batter the chicken to ready it for the frying process. The final step is to fry the chicken using this mysterious frying method.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe Details

• If you are going to go to the trouble of blending the spices for the recipe we are going to put together 3 cups of the spice mix. First mix 9 teaspoons celery seed salt, 9 teaspoons marjoram leaves, 18 tablespoons paprika, 9 teaspoons sage, 9 teaspoons garlic powder, 9 teaspoons ground allspice , 9 teaspoons ground oregano, 9 teaspoons black pepper, 9 teaspoons salt, 9 teaspoons basil leaf dried. Using a cuisinart grind all the spices to a fine powder. The second step is to oven roast the spice mixture for 8 minutes in a pre heated oven to 300 deg to release some of the herbs oils. After the oven roasting place spices in an air tight container in a dry dark area for the curing process. After 30 day your KFC spice mixture will be ready to be used. Next step for an eight piece KFC fried chicken dinner, hand cut your chicken unlike the KFC recipe into 8 pieces. Remove the chicken from the cutting board and let it rest in warm water for 15 mins. Then mix 1/4 cup spice mix to 1 cup of flour. Hand mix the chicken with the 11 herbs and spices and flour mixture making sure the chicken is completely covered with the spices. The last step in cooking the chicken is to use an oil pressure cooker. Note don’t use a regular pressure cooker it may explode. Add 2 1/2 cups of soybean oil to the oil pressure cooker and batch the chicken 4 pieces at a time. Pre heat the oil on med heat for 5 mins, when the oil is ready adds the first batch of chicken. The final step is to lock down the lid and pressure cook the chicken for 7 mins when the pressure is at full. Release the pressure and remove the chicken into a paper covered colander. Then you can replete the process for the second batch of chicken.