The cuisine of Thailand has many great recipes. But Thai Duck With Chili Basil Recipe Thai Fried Duck with Basil and Chili sauce is a fantastic recipe. The key to the recipe is to get the Duck cooked so it is crispy. Then stir fry the Thai Chili Phrik Khi Nu Peppers, Garlic, and Thai Basil to make a spectacular dish. The recipe is easy and the Bald Chef will show you how to cook this classic Thai spicy Duck dish step by step. To make this dish you will need some Fish Sauce and I recommend 3 Crab Brand. When you finish cooking this Thai Duck serve it on Thai White Jasmine Rice.Thai Duck With Chili Basil Recipe


Ingredients For Thai Duck With Chili Basil Recipe

To Make this Thai Duck with Chili Basil you will need the following ingredients:

Cooking Instructions For Thai Duck With Chili Basil Recipe

This is The Bald Chef’s recipe for Thai Duck Basil . The First step is to get your Wok on high heat. Add 3/4 Cup Cooking Oil to the Wok bring to heat on the stove. Take your 12 oz Duck Breast and coat it with Corn Starch. Skin side down place the Duck Breast in the hot oil. Cook the Duck on one side and flip it over. Remove your Duck Breast from the Wok when it is nice and crispy. Cool the Duck Breast down and slice it up. Clean your Wok off and add the 2 Tablespoons Garlic and return the sliced Duck as you stir fry. Add the 5 Thai Thai Peppers cut up Phrik Khi Nu, 1/4 Cut White Onion, and 1/4 Cut Green Bell Pepper. Then add the Thai. Stir fry the mix and add 3 Tablespoons Fish Sauce 3 Crab Brand, and mix in a little Corn starch and water to thicken the gravy. Serve on Thai White Jasmine Rice.

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