Vodka Italian Marinara Cream Pasta Sauce

I have no idea why adding vodka to a Italian tomato cream sauce taste so good, but it does. Vodka Italian Marinara Cream Pasta Sauce is the recipe to make fantastic homemade vodka Italian cream sauce. It’s not hard to cook Vodka Italian Marinara Cream Pasta Sauce sauce and it surely is restaurant quality.

Ingredients For Making Great Vodka Pasta Sauce

The are the ingredients you will need to make an outstanding Vodka Italian Marinara cream pasta sauce.

Instructions For Cooking Vodka Italian Marinara Cream Sauce

In a small stock pot add 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil,1 medium Onion chopped fine,1/2 teaspoons of Italian crushed red peppers and and bring to high heat. Add the 2 tablespoons Pesto Sauce. Fry the pesto in the oil and add 6 oz. Absolut Vodka to the stock pot. Add 28 oz can of Crushed Italian Plum Tomatoes. When the sause start to to steep the spices add 1/2 pint Whole Cream to the sauce. after 20 minutes on low heat add the Salt to taste. Plate some Fresh egg Pasta and top with this excellent Italian Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce. Top with a little Italian Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce and you have a great dinner!


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